Reported Wifi issues with tablet development platform

Reported Wifi issues with tablet development platform

We have received a lot of communication from our developer community regarding wifi issues with the MeeGo tablet UX devices handed out in our App Labs. However, to date we have yet to independently confirm or duplicate a wifi issue. We are diligently working with ExoPC to understand & investigate the issue. If the community has any additional information or feedback regarding this topic we’d like to learn more. Meanwhile we are continuing to look into the matter . We will keep you apprised, as we learn more.
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One issue is that while the GUI is running (aka init state 5) network operations of updates done by SSHing into the tablet end up being very slow:

meegotab-15-~> wget
1% [ ] 348,645 11.6K/s eta 31m 9s ^Z

But do this (shut down the gui during updates and big network downloads):

meegotab-16-~> sudo init 3
Message from syslogd@meegotab at Tue Aug 30 20:54:30 2011 ...
meegotab klogd: [29018.308589] Process booster-l (pid: 546, ti=eb07c000 task=f34983f0 task.ti=eb07c000)

And now downloads go faster:

meegotab-17-~> fg
wget ...
100%[+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++=>] 29,449,679 105K/s in 9.4s

2011-08-30 21:22:36 (84.5 KB/s) - “meego-app-browser-12.0.742.112~2011WW32.1-1.5.i586.rpm” saved [29449679/29449679]

meegotab-18-~> wget
100%[======================================>] 536,580 768K/s in 0.7s

2011-08-30 22:32:24 (768 KB/s) - “meego-app-browser-ffmpeg-oss-12.0.742.112~2011WW32.1-1.5.i586.rpm” saved [536580/536580]

when done with updates, etc.

meegotab-20-~> sudo init 5

Meego Tablet :-)

Looking for one to test it !

I would recommend for customers who are having issues connecting via WiFi to perform the following steps:

1) Check to see if the WiFi device is detected “lspci –vv | grep –I wireless
2) Check the Wireless security settings
a. Try Open or WEP setting
b. Try WPA2 Personal setting
3) Ensure your OS is the updated to the latest version at under MeeGo* OS downloads
3) Ensure the router FW is up to date (use caution when updating router firmware...)
4) Check the router against the certified list at

NOTE: Your mileage may vary, but if you are having difficulty attaching to a WAP, try the checks above first and double check your setup.

I hope this helps!