Error AVL02

Error AVL02

Hi, I recive this message from intel "App contains Italian Meta but is marked as a primary US English app. Please change the primary locale/language and then resubmit for meta validation." but how can i change the priority language? When you go to the "Application Info" you can choose the Languages but it's only listed English-French how can i set Italian? Thanks for helping me Regards Andrea
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Hello Andrea,

there is just no way to submit applications that are only in Italian till now.

They have to be available at least in English or French.

Best regards

Hi Andrea,

The message from the validation team should have asked you to change your Meta data to English or French instead of changing your priority language. Italian is not currently supported as a priority language.

Meta data (app description for example) is currently limited to English and French (see Application Info tab).

There are many choices for languages supported by the application (including Italian). Please see “Supported by Binary” on Upload Info tab of app submission form.

Please watch this site for updates.


Hal G.

Technical Support Team

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Ok, thanks for help me.
Now i understand the message from intel!