What is the cost for Validate my Application,

What is the cost for Validate my Application,

Hi I would like to know the charges of validating my app if i submit to the app store. Please let me know. Thanks
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application validation is free of charge.

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There is no cost to validate any apps. Just submit and Intel Appup Validation team will take care of all validation process free.


Then What is the benefit for Intel to Validate all developers apps at free of cost...

Hello MV.Pavan,

I guess, because Intel wants to provide a constant quality of apps for the user:
the users are the customers that bring the money, not we as developers.

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There is a cost: Intel validation is: INCONSITENT, UNPREDICTABLE, DOES NOT ADHERE to/confuses its OWN REQUIREMENTS vs OPTIONALs,
takes unpredictable amounts of time and unless you are working for fun, not to make money
off your apps you do have to pay for the time you waste in dealing with all those issues.

We have found work with Apple and Android to cost us far less of this crucial ingredient: TIME.