"Laptop" option for submissions

"Laptop" option for submissions

Hello, I have a question regarding an option "Laptop" that is currently available when you submit an app as a kind of devices to offer an app for. I have published some 5 apps 2 years ago or so, there was no such an option at that time. Does this mean that all these apps are currently only offered for netbooks, not for laptops, and I have to update the submissions to check Laptop option also to make this apps be offered for laptops also? Thanks. Alexey.
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Hi Alexey,

No, the app will also be available on laptops as well if it works fine on the operating systems that are on the laptops. For example, if your applications is compatible with only Windows XP* and Windows 7* 32bit, and if somebody is using the Intel AppUp(SM) center on a laptop that has Windows 7* 64bit, they may not be able to find your app.

If you think your apps will work fine on laptops as well, you may go to your dashboard and update these details and re-submit them for validation. Remember to add a note to validation mentioning the changes you have made so that your apps are validated much quicker if there are no changes in the binaries.

I hope this helps.


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Regards, DG Rooven