install compilers

install compilers

Do you know if is it possible to install C++ and Fortan compiler in a machine with with DEX Procesador Intel Core i5-3450 (3.1,6MB,1155) and Fedora 17?

Which linux version it sould be better?

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You will not be able to use an Itanium compiler with these "Ivy Bridge" CPUs. If you choose to install Intel compilers on such a recent linux distro, the latest "XE 2013" compilers would probably be best.
Further questions should be asked on a relevant forum, such as the C++ or linux Fortran forums.
You are right to choose a fairly up to date linux distro. There are distros, such as Red Hat or CentOS 5.9, which are designed to run on these CPUs but without support for AVX compilation.