Jump Delay

Jump Delay

When I set the 

pp->m_havokInput->m_wantJump = true;

There is no delay (well, one frame), between hitting the space bar, getting the space bar hit and setting m_wantJump true.

But there IS a delay of abput 1/8th second before the player appears to jump.

Any ideas on this?

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Hi Richard:

First of all, I'd like to point you a good "Jump Setup" demo: Physics/Test/Feature/Character/Character Weight , which maybe you have already known. :)

Second: I'd like to ask
1. what kind of character controller you are using , hkpCharacterProxy or hkpCharacterRigidBody ?
2. Are you usinig hkpCharacterContext as State Machine or you have your own state machine?
3. what timestep are you using (to step physics)
4. what is your actually framerate

I suggest you can double check the input of hkStepInfo::m_deltaTime and hkStepInfo::m_invDeltaTime if you are using hkpCharacterContext or hkpCharacterProxy.

In principle, if you are using hkpCharacterContext, it takes 3 physics step call from "HK_CHARACTER_ON_GROUND" to "HK_CHARACTER_IN_AIR"
1st: when ON GROUND, if m_wantJump, set the state to HK_CHARACTER_JUMPING
2nd: apply an impulse on hkpCharacterInput::m_up direction (state is still HK_CHARACTER_JUMPING)
3rd: change the state to "HK_CHARACTER_IN_AIR"

You can always trace the state by using hkpCharacterContext::getState() to see how many physics steps the game actually used from m_wantJump = true to "IN_AIR". If it is actually 3 calls and you do feel it is "very long" time, you might need to check your frame rate and how many physics step is called per frame.



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