Video Decoding using VA-API Hardware Acceleration

Video Decoding using VA-API Hardware Acceleration


I have a intel atom d2500 board. We have developed a linux player for video playback. But the videos are not playing it smoothly, I checked using M-player with vaapi support and the performance was very good. So, I want to implement VA-API video decoding in to it so how can I do that. I checked the xbmc source code but not able to understand do you have sample code for video decoding using VA-API for any format of video. I have already seen the one example at following link

but can you give more general example which will applicable to any kind of video format.

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Hi Ganesh,

Linux and libVA API is currently not supported by Media SDK. Unfortunately, the team working on the Media SDK product does not have any samples or documentation regarding libVA.

I suggest looking elsewhere for further details on this subject. Maybe the libVA forms or the person that wrote the paper you refer to can give some guidance.