Potential loop unrolling bug in ComposerXE 2013

Potential loop unrolling bug in ComposerXE 2013

I have found a potential bug with the loop unrolling of a triangular loop.  The example is attached. 

[marianne@MarianneFedora15 ~]$ ifort -v
ifort version 13.0.1

[marianne@MarianneFedora15 ~]$ ifort loopUnrolltest.f90
[marianne@MarianneFedora15 ~]$ ./a.out
   1000000.       1000000.      3.3835000E+07  0.0000000E+00  0.0000000E+00
[marianne@MarianneFedora15 ~]$ ifort -unroll0 loopUnrolltest.f90
[marianne@MarianneFedora15 ~]$ ./a.out
  3.3835000E+07  3.3835000E+07  3.3835000E+07  3.3835000E+07  3.3835000E+07

下载 loopunrolltest.f90564 字节
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Bug report entered.  We will inform you when a fix gets into the compiler.

Thank you for such a good concise reproducer!  This really helps us.


I am just glad I was able to actually reproduce it separately from our main code.  That does not usually happen! 

Thanks for submitting the bug report.

Is it possible to get a ticket number or something for this issue?  My management has asked me for one.  I had issues logging into the premier support to submit this myself which is why I posted it here in the first place.

The internal bug report id Ron filed for the issue is DPD200240713

Ronald W Green (Intel)的头像

this bug was fixed in Composer XE 2013 Update 3, aka build 20130313.

thank you for reporting this bug.