Intel Visual Fortran Complier 11.1

Intel Visual Fortran Complier 11.1

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I have Intel Visual Fortran Complier 10.0 now which does not work with Windows 7. Is it OK for me to get a free updating? How can I do that? If I need to buy one, how should I do that. I don't find link for purchasing 11.1 on the website as of now.


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Tim Prince的头像 explains most of the points.  You would have access to versions released within a year of when you registered your license.

A new license purchase would entitle you to download any available past version, as well as future versions issued within a year.的头像

Once you've sorted out the licence issue you'll have the choice of which version to use. I'd skip the 11 series completely and go for either for production code or the latest 13 compiler if you're happy with the bleeding edge.