Reusing Dfti Descriptor even after comitting it

Reusing Dfti Descriptor even after comitting it

Can we do the following

              status = DftiCreateDescriptor( &ifft_handle, DFTI_SINGLE,DFTI_COMPLEX, 1, 5400);

              for(int i = 0; i < 100; i++) {

                        float scale = 1 * i;

                        status = DftiSetValue( ifft_handle, DFTI_FORWARD_SCALE, scale);
                        status = DftiCommitDescriptor( ifft_handle);

                        // inovke fft


             status = DftiFreeDescriptor (&ifft_handle);

So can we reuse the Dfti descriptor even after comitting?

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Yes. This is a supported usage model. As long as you re-commit the descriptor after modifying it using DftiSetValue, you can use it again.This is what the documentation of DftiCommitDescriptor says:

If you call the DftiSetValue function to change configuration parameters of a committed descriptor see Descriptor Configuration Functions), you must re-commit the descriptor before invoking a computation function. Typically, a committal function call is immediately followed by a computation function call