[Solved]Visual Debugger Hang

[Solved]Visual Debugger Hang


I recently got a problem with the visual debugger. It does not crash from the code. The problem is that it plays a couple of frames then it stops playing. Then I click Connect, then it plays a random numbers of frames then stops again. Sometimes it hangs at 2 frames and other times at 1000 frames. Most of the time, it hangs between 2 to 180 frames. Restarting the visual debugger holds the same result as reconnecting on the port 25001.

My application is multi-threaded and Havok is multi-threaded as well.

Any hint on what could cause such behaviors?

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HI Stephane,

Can you tell me a bit more about what happens when the visual debugger stops playing?  When it hangs, can you continue to interact with the debugger's UI?  Does the record button remain enabled?  What happens if you move or resize the debugger window?  Does turning viewers on or off from the Viewers menu make any difference?



Josh S. Havok Developer Support Engineer www.havok.com

Thanks for the reply.

I found out where the bug is coming from.

Actually, our architecture is as follow (its not the full picture)

  • MainThread
  •     AnimationThread
  •     PhysicThread (our main application thread for the physic)
  •         1st multithreaded havok thread
  •         2nd multithreaded havok thread.

The initial memory (along with the visual debugger) was initialized in the MainThread and the InitThread was called in both animation and physic thread. I was calling the StepVisualDebugger in the physic thread. That was what was causing the hang. I moved the call to the MainThread and everything was fixed.