ask a question about dll of ipp sdk...

ask a question about dll of ipp sdk...

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In my opinion, when configure IPP library with opencv,the directory under Bin should be ended in '.dll'. But why the directory of IPP library I downloaded from IBM official website is 'bat' ?

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Hi Mirro,

Could you please re-formulate your question? Are you asking why IPP's "bin" directory contain only ".bat" file? You probably mean "ippvars_ia32/ippvars_intel64.bat" files?

The actual DLL location directory is "<Intel Composer directory>\redist\ia32 (or, intel64)\ipp". "Redist" is the directory where all Composer DLLs are located (compiler, IPP, MKL, TBB). The above mentioned .bat files are only to set environment PATH variable properly.


Regards, Sergey