Consequences of running a Unity APK on Intel processor driven Android devices?

Consequences of running a Unity APK on Intel processor driven Android devices?

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Hi guys,

As more Android device manufacturers will be implementing Intel processors in the future, this question might be interesting for everyone who wants their Unity games to run on these devices.

I looked around the internet to find information about Unity APK's (target ARMv7) running on Intel driven Android devices. Most threads are short and don't offer a clear answer if the behavior of the APK's is always the same on the Intel powered devices.

I would want to know if a binary translator (like libhoudini) is reliable. Does it always work, does it always fail or is it unreliable and you just need to be lucky your App will run?

It does turn out that you will have to deal with a performance hit when you use a binary translator, as it is an emulator and your game won’t be running with the x86 libraries directly. Using these binary translators seems to be a necessary part of Intel driven Android devices, as they otherwise would not be able to run previously released apks which are build for ARM devices.

Based on the small amount of information I can find online about Unity and Intel driven Android devices, it seems to me there could be 2 scenarios:

  1. most apks just work because a binary translator is handling it
  2. the Intel driven Android devices are not widespread enough yet to be important for Unity devs around the world

Does anyone know if one of the scenarios is the right one or is there another reason why there is little to no information?

Anyone happen to know about software that could convert an APK from ARM to x86 (if it would exist)? As Unity creates the APK for us, we can't really incorporate the x86 libs from Android. It could have been done if building an apk would create a project file for Eclipse (similar to how Windows Store Apps are published from Unity).

Sincerely, Omnivision Studios

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I have attached some log files from an Intel based Android device. Maybe this might give some insight to people who are familiar with the Intel driven Android devices.

Search for Unity, HalliGalli and HalliKlack to find the traces of our games. I have included more than these traces as it might be another process which is messing with the apps.

Our games seem to crash when you try to run them the first time. The second time, they run normally. Someone told us this also happens with Subway Surfers, which is also build in Unity.


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I have gotten the confirmation of an Intel insider that our games don't crash anymore while running on the latest Android 4.4.2 build running on Baytrail. Chances are running an apk on an Intel driven Android device should be possible without any problems from the mentioned version onward.