This guide contains all the information you need to assemble your own commercial developer kit and begin programming it with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit. You'll use:

  • An Intel® IoT Gateway as your target platform
  • Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite as your target operating system
  • C/C++ or Java*, or possibly Node-RED*, as your programming language
  • Intel® System Studio IoT Edition as your IDE

After you set up your gateway, you can also connect and send data to popular cloud platforms, including:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)*
  • Google Cloud Network*
  • IBM Watson IoT*
  • Microsoft Azure*

This guide assumes you are programming your target platform with the Intel System Studio IoT Edition, not the Intel® System Studio. The Intel System Studio does not support Intel IoT Gateway Software Suite as a target operating system, but it does support Ubuntu*. Steps to get started with an Intel IoT Gateway and Ubuntu are included below.

If you are looking for instructions for programming with a different gateway, target operating system, or programming language, see one of the following:

To program...

See this documentation...

Starting as quickly and easily as possible (prototyping)
An Intel IoT Gateway that isn't the MinnowBoard Turbot*, such as the Intel® NUC

With Ubuntu as your target OS

With Intel IoT Gateway Software Suite as your target OS
With Wind River Pulsar Linux as your target OS
In Java* with the Intel IoT Gateway Software Suite
In Java with Ubuntu
In Node-RED*

And send your data up to the cloud

Otherwise, continue to get started with your gateway.