In this step, you will:

  • Run a sample project that uses the OpenVINO™ toolkit

Run your project

In this project, we will run an object detection sample application. The sample runs on the CPU and detects vehicles in a static image, using the OpenVINO toolkit.

  1. In the Arduino Web Editor, click Libraries from the left. Type openvino in the search field.

  2. Press Enter to search for the OpenVINO toolkit library.

  3. Under OpenVINO™ toolkit, expand the Examples list, then click security_barrier_camera. The example sketch opens in the editor pane.  

    Note: By default, this example looks for the image in the /opt/intel/computer_vision_sdk/deployment_tools/demo folder. If your application runs into any trouble finding the image, you can open this folder to make sure the image is there.

  4. Choose your board, "via Cloud".

  5. Click the Upload icon to upload and run the sketch.

  6. The sample runs on an image, highlighting the vehicles it detects in bounding boxes. You'll see labels displayed next to the cars it detects, such as "black car" and "gray car", as well as labels for any license plates it finds.

    Congratulations, you've run your first OpenVINO toolkit project!

    Next Steps

    You can check out the following reference implementations for steps to leverage your system to create some real-world solutions:

    You can also view additional code samples and OpenVINO documentation.