This guide provides technical information related to assembly of the Intel® Joule™ development platform, defining a programming environment, and exercising specific features of the compute module. It also provides general guidance for creating custom products and use cases for the compute module.

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The current best-known-configuration (BKC) release consists of operating system version 1706 and firmware version 1J2. It is highly recommended to update both at the same time. You can obtain the images and source at these locations:

Images Source (OS only)
FW 1J2:  Download Center OS 1706:  git hub
OS 1706:  


Please see the release notes included with the OS images for details of the newest features of the operating system.


For regulatory information, see: Note that the end user is responsible to obtain CMIIT ID for the end user devices to comply with the Chinese product regulatory requirement.

For warranty information, see: