Intel® Simulation and Analysis Engine (Intel® SAE) SDK

Instruction set simulator with full software stack binary instrumentation capabilities.

  • Simulate any modern OS and application in your virtual platform of choice
  • Write C/C++ instrumentation tools to analyze the software's unmodified binaries, including the OS and any other privileged software

Intel® Simulation and Analysis Engine (Intel® SAE) is a framework for full-system instrumentation for software analysis and architectural exploration. Running inside the Wind River* Simics* Virtual Platform, the engine is able to boot operating systems and run unmodified programs.

The Intel® SAE framework interfaces enable users to analyze the software operation during the boot or program execution by running their own code in response to selected events, such as specific instructions that are used, memory accesses, or interrupts. The analysis can be done on both privileged and user-mode software, including the BIOS, drivers, and all kernel and user-space processes. The multi-system simulation capabilities of Wind River* Simics enable analysis of distributed node-to-node of enterprise-scale workloads, such as CloudSuite*, Hadoop*, and Memcached* on top of Intel® SAE.