Follow these steps to start a debugging session.

Establishing Connection to the Target

  1. Launch the Intel® System Studio IDE and click the New Connection... drop-down list in the main toolbar.


  2. In the Wizards list, select JTAG Connection for System Debug & Trace and click Next >.


  3. Name the connection by typing in the Connection Name input field, then select your target type and connection method. Click Finish.



    The Supported Features field indicates which components of Intel System Debugger support the selected combination of target type and connection method. To make sure that Intel System Debugger - Debug supports the selected combination, verify that the Sustem Debugger label is active.
  4. Click the green Connect button next to the target selection drop-down list.


  5. After the connection has been established, the Disconnect button becomes active, and the word (Connected) appears in title bar of the Intel System Studio IDE and the Debug Targets Connection tab.


Launching the Debugger

  1. Launch the Intel® System Debugger by clicking the Intel® System Debugger button in the Intel® System Studio IDE.


    On Linux* OS Host, run the script <install-dir>/system_debugger_<version>/system_debug/

    On Windows* OS Host, click System Debugger (Debug) on your Start page or navigate to the folder <install-dir>\<debugger-dir>\system_debug and execute the script xdb.bat.

  2. Click Yes in the New connection established dialog box.


    The debugger is connected to the target.

Running Commands at Debugger Startup

To execute commands automatically at debugger startup, you can:

  • Enter the commands into the file <install-dir>scripts/startup.xdb.
  • Enter the commands into a customized script file and call the debugger from the console as follows:

    On Linux*: -b script_file

    On Windows*: xdb.bat -b script_file


The script startup.xdb is always executed first.

Ending the Debugging Session

To end your debugging session, click the Disconnect button in the upper left corner of the debugger GUI. To start debugging using the same connection again, click the Connect button.

Closing the Connection

To close the connection, click the Disconnect button next to the target selection drop-down list in the Intel System Studio IDE. If your debugging session is still active, it will end automatically.