The first step in debugging with the Intel® System Debugger is to understand how control the execution of the target. Similar to any other software debugger, you can run, stop and reset the target. While stopped you can perform various step operations including both assembly-level and source-level steps.

To control the target, use the Run menu and the related toolbar buttons.

The target state is indicated as follows:

  1. The prompt of the Console window changes depending on the state:
    xdb_D> D
    The target is disconnected.
    xdb_R> R
    The target is running
    The Target is halted.
  2. The Run or Halt button is enabled or disabled depending on the state.
  3. A green round dot in the bottom right hand corner indicates the running state, a red one indicates the halted state.


Resetting the target puts all code and data breakpoints into the disabled state. Make sure to re-enable any breakpoints you want to be active after target reset.