Supported Operating Systems

The target FreeBSD platform should be based on one of the following environments:

  • FreeBSD 10 and 11


For installation details, see FreeBSD System Setup topic.

Application Coding Requirements

Supported programming languages:

  • Fortran

  • C

  • C++

  • Java*

  • OpenCL*

  • Python

  • Go

Concurrency and Locks and Waits analysis types interpret the use of constructs from the following threading methodologies:

  • Intel® Threading Building Blocks

  • Posix* Threads on Linux*

  • OpenMP*

  • Intel's C/C++ Parallel Language Extensions

Supported Java* environments:

  • Oracle* JVM 6, 7, 8 and 9 – Hotspots and Hardware event-based analysis types

  • OpenJDK 8 and 9 (Linux only)

Supported OpenCL* environments:

  • Intel® SDK for OpenCL Applications version 2013 and newer

Other Requirements

  • To view PDF documents, use a PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader*.

  • To enable automatic product updates with the Intel® Software Update Manager, use Java* version 1.6 or higher.