Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) library provides so-called platform-aware functions. These functions use the special data type IppSizeL for object sizes. The IppSizeL data type represents memory-related quantities: it can be 32- or 64-bit wide depending on the target architecture.

While the rest of Intel IPP functions support only objects of 32-bit integer size, platform-aware functions can work with 64-bit object sizes if it is supported by the platform. The API of platform-aware functions is similar to the API of other Intel IPP functions and has only slight differences. You can distinguish platform-aware functions by the L suffix in the function name, for example, ippsMalloc_16u_L.

Currently, the following signal processing functions have platform-aware APIs:

Function Group Header Function Name
Support Functions ipps_l.h Malloc

Intel IPP platform-aware functions are documented as additional flavors to the existing functions declared in standard Intel IPP headers (without the l suffix). The ipps_l.h header is included into ipps.h.