Sparse QR routines and their data types

Routine or function group Data types Description
mkl_sparse_set_qr_hint   Enables a pivot strategy for an ill-conditioned matrix.
mkl_sparse_?_qr s,d Calculates the solution of a sparse system of linear equations using QR factorization.
mkl_sparse_qr_reorder   Performs reordering and symbolic analysis of the matrix A.
mkl_sparse_?_qr_factorize s,d Performs numerical factorization of the matrix A.
mkl_sparse_?_qr_solve s,d Solves the system A*x = b using QR factorization of the matrix A.
mkl_sparse_?_qr_qmult s,d Performs x := Q^(-1)*b.
mkl_sparse_?_qr_rsolve s,d Performs x := R^(-1)*b.
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