The Intel Business Client Community Congratulates Intel IDF SBA contest prize winner Vito Fabbrizio.

The Intel® Developer Zone Business Client Community is more than pleased to announce that Vito Fabbrizio is the winner of the Intel® Core™ i5 processor and Intel® SBA technology Lenovo laptop from our recent Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco. We want to congratulate Vito on his prize and to wish him all the best on his Business Client endeavors.

Vito is responsible for Business Development for AuthenTec’s Biometric Authentication products and he brings over 18 years of product marketing leadership as well as a deep technical knowledge in developing and marketing products in the Enterprise and Consumer market including wireless, PC, and semiconductor industries.

Vito was previously Vice President of Product Marketing and Technical Marketing at UPEK, and joined UPEK at the spin-off from STMicroelectronics where he held Director Level positions in the Marketing Team helping create UPEK leadership in PC and wireless market.

Prior to the spin-off Vito was part of the TouchChip Business Unit of STMicroelectronics as one of the original members of the team that invented/developed the sensor technology. Vito spent several years working as member of Technical Staff in the Innovative Systems Design Group within the Central Research Division of STMicroelectronics an international research organization focused on novel applications of silicon technology with sister labs in Berkeley, CA and Milan, Italy leading a research activity in Parallel Computing and Neural Networks for automotive application.

Prior to join SGS-Thomson (now STMicroelectronics) in 1995 Vito has graduated summa cum laude from a PhD-like research program on Parallel Computing with the Italian Government and the University of Pavia.