Running analysis on a client PC (where no vtune is installed)

Running analysis on a client PC (where no vtune is installed)

Hi we use VTune at our locally machine and it works perfectly.

Now we have a performance problem at a customer from us.

Is it possible that our customer can run VTune at this PC, collect all the data,

and we can then interprete the results on our side?

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Your customer has to install VTune Amplifier XE 2013, she/he can try to use in evaluation - activate license later.

Result directoy generated from client PC should be copy to your machine, to view result. But -

Module files / symbol files also will be copied to your PC, if result was not finalized after data collection.

Some source files also needs to be copied, if source view with performace data is required.  

So it means, he has to install the Vtune evaluation version. But he don't need to install our pdb or source file?
Anyway installing a profiler at a client system with no admin rights, is very difficult. And of course a big effort.

I would like to push a feature request.
It would be very cool to give the client a simple portable GUI (or let it be a console application), without requiring to install Vtune.
He runs the profiling and the result are stored in a proprietary binary compressed file.

Then to see the result I would need my VTune to interprete the result.
That would be a really nice feature. What do you think can you do this?

Yes. I agree that the user can have a simple data collection agent working in client PC (without installation) and analyze data in another PC which installed the product. However it is not avaliable now:-(

>>...Is it possible that our customer can run VTune at this PC, collect all the data...

As Peter already replied it is Not possible because VTune depends on many DLLs ( at least 9 / files like AMPLXE_..._.dll ) and some low level drivers. All these software modules need to be installed and can Not be copied to a client computer.

I think that a version of VTune Lite ( Client Performance Data Collection ) is very good and needs to be considered.

>>...Is it possible that our customer can run VTune at this PC, collect all the data...

You could also consider Intel Performance Counter Monitor and take a look at:

This is a short follow up.


Could you review a topic Installing Collectors on Remote Systems in Release-notes-amplifier-xe-windows-update5.pdf?
Installing Collectors on Remote Systems

You can install the command line data collection features of the product on remote systems to reduce overhead and simply collect data remotely. Data collection on a remote system does not require a license; however, viewing of the data cannot be done on the remote system unless a license is present.
The results of any data collection that is run on the remote system must then be copied to the system where the regular install was done for analysis, viewing, and reporting.
I wonder if Acki's client could use it ( to collect all the data )?

Although installing Collector on Remote System don't need license file...but my understandings of Acki's requirement are:

1. Just extract the package in Linux* and NO installation is needed (no license required absolutely). It means Copying the agent tool - just use it. No installer!!! (Building/installing vtune drivers could be in one small script)

2. We can reduce the size of ccurrent command line components, remote agent, etc - as thin as possible.  

yeah installing all this stuff require admin rights, so it's not something what just works out of the box.

A simple portable app would be nice.

Anyway, I tryed the collector which Sergey mentioned. I installed it and run

"pin.exe -- 'PathToMyApp/App.exe'"

It started, but I didn't found the collected data, where it is?

And this comand line tool has no help at all.

I was looking for an option to start it paused like in vtune and resume at any place?

can anbody help here? Maybe a link to a tutorial would be nice.

The "remote analysis" functionality of VTune Amplifier XE may be sufficient. For user mode analysis types no drivers are required, no special privilages and installations. Just copy remote collectors to target system and provide customer with instructions - collection is made from command line, you may create a simple script for their simplicity.

Now I am confused. What shoudl I use?

I followed the instruction here:

Section: Installing Collectors on Remote Systems

Now you tell me I should use a different approach.

descriped here

Right, my bad - it nevertheless requires installation on Windows. For now it's the only way to get remote data for VTune Amplifier XE. We consider your feature request, but don't expect quick changes.

But what about the "pin.exe"?

how should I use it? Where can I find the collected data?

Pin is not a complete profiling tool. It is binary instrumentation engine. To collect performance data you should build some "pin tool" upon pin APIs. Take a look at docs and tutorials on Intel(R) VTune(TM) Amplifier XE uses pin for user-mode analysis types, so VTune can be called a kind of "pin tool". And if you build your own pin tool, results will not be compatible with Amplifier XE.