Getting Help and Support

The online version of the Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) documentation integrates into the Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE help system.

Getting Help

In the Visual Studio IDE, you can browse and search for topics in different ways:

  • Use Help > Contents to browse through topics by functional domains.
  • Use Help > Index to access an index to all topics. Either type the word you are looking for or scroll through the list.
  • Click Help > Search to perform a full text search.

To navigate between topics, use the navigation buttons available in the Document Explorer toolbar or from the topic pop-up menu:

  • Click the Back button to return to the previously viewed topic.
  • Click the Forward button to go to the following topic.

Accessing Help in Visual Studio* 2010 IDE

To access the Intel TBB documentation in Visual Studio* 2010 IDE:

  1. Configure the IDE to use local help (once). To do this, go to Help > Manage Help Settings and check I want to use online help.
  2. Use the Help > View Help menu item to view a list of available help collections and open the Intel TBB documentation.

Using Intel Search Filters

With Visual Studio* 2008, you can include Intel documentation in all search results by checking the 'Intel' search filter box for the Language, Technology, and Content Type categories. You must check the Intel search box for all three categories to include Intel documentation in your searches. Unchecking all three Intel search boxes excludes Intel documentation from search results. The Intel search filters work in combination with other search options for each category.

Locating Intel Topics

To display Intel documentation in Visual Studio 2008, select Contents from the Visual Studio Help menu. Then, select Intel in the choices under Filtered by. In navigating the Intel documentation, you may want to know where the topic you are reading is located in the table of contents (TOC). Click the Sync with Table of Contents button on the Visual Studio toolbar to find where the topic is located in the TOC. You can also use Sync with Table of Contents with Intel topics in search results or with the context-sensitive help topics to locate them in the Intel documentation TOC.

Getting Technical Support

If you did not register your Intel® software product during installation, please do so now at the Intel® Software Development Products Registration Center. Registration entitles you to free technical support, product updates and upgrades for the duration of the support term.

For general information about Intel technical support, product updates, user forums, FAQs, tips and tricks and other support questions, go to: