Summary Statistics Naming Conventions

The names of routines in the Summary Statistics are in lowercase (vslssseditquantiles), while the names of types and constants are in uppercase. The names are not case-sensitive.

The names of routines have the following structure:

vsl[datatype]ss<base name>   


  • vsl is a prefix indicating that the routine belongs to Intel MKL Vector Statistics.

  • [datatype] specifies the type of the input and/or output data and can be s (single precision real type), d (double precision real type), or i (integer type).

  • SS/ss indicates that the routine is intended for calculations of the Summary Statistics estimates.

  • <base name> specifies a particular functionality that the routine is designed for, for example, NewTask, Compute, DeleteTask.


The Summary Statistics routine vslDeleteTask for deletion of the task is independent of the data type and its name omits the [datatype] field.

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