camera Object

Use the device's camera and access your device's camera library


The camera object consists of several methods to control the capturing and maintenance of picture files. The camera object contains a list of photos known as the "picture list". The picture list is where new images are placed once they are created. There are several methods in the camera object that allow the application to control the files in this list. The application may add to the picture list by capturing a photo from the device's native camera using camera.takePicture, a picture may be added to the list by referencing a file on the device using camera.importPicture, all the photos on the list may be listed in an array using camera.getPictureList, photos may be removed from the list singly using camera.deletePicture, or the picture list may be wiped clear using camera.clearPictures. Finally, files in the picture list may be referenced for use in an application using the camera.getPictureURL method.