Release Notes Information – Intel® XDK NEW December 2013 Release and Updates Release Notes

Intel XDK NEW - Update Version 0419 Release Notes (Release Date 02/10/2014)

  • Intel XDK can now be installed on Windows XP* platform. While it can be installed, XP is not a fully supported platform.
  • Made the Country list for signup a local file so that it is always available to users regardless of connectivity.
  • Emulator - The emulator synthesizes touch events from mouse events. Made improvements to these synthesized events where they did not behave properly for some higher level frameworks like Google Maps, which respond to both touch and mouse events.
  • Corrected an issue that caused an error when attempting to upload large projects to the build system.

Intel XDK NEW - Update Version 0277 Release Notes

  • Updated to Node-webkit version 0.8.4
  • Build tab - corrected an error message thrown when network connection is lost.
  • XDK can now upload a bundle larger than 25 MB to the build system.
  • Prevent hot keys from being triggered by [AltGR] + [number] combo on foreign keyboards as this was overriding normal keys on some of those keyboards.
  • Corrected an issue when pasting text from clipboard into Find within the editor. Previously it would paste the text into the content of the file versus the Find input box.
  • Emulate Tab - corrected an issue (on Mac and Windows versions) where the Chrome Debug Tool window did not always restart in the same position and size when you changed devices. On Linux the size will be retained but the location is not retained. We will continue to work to correct that issue.

Intel XDK NEW - December 2013 Release Notes

What’s new:

  • Added two new tabs: Debug and Profile. Make use of these tabs to remote debug your app on device or analyze the performance of the JavaScript used in your app using App Analyzer.
  • Remote Debugging allows user to debug on Android 4.x based mobile device connected via USB.
  • App Analyzer allows users to set breakpoints in code, inspect variables, and single step through source code.
  • App Analyzer supports the Crosswalk APIs and provide similar performance as apps built using the Intel XDK Crosswalk target build.
  • Improved Tizen app builds allowing Tizen code-signing to submit apps to Tizen App Store.
  • Added Hot-Keys to Switch between tabs in the XDX:
    • ['Ctrl'] + ['Tab'] = Switch to previous tab (show tab-switcher UI). (or if ['Ctrl'] is held and ['Tab'] pressed cycle trough tabs in switcher UI)
    • ['Ctrl'] + ['Shift'] + ['Tab'] = Show tab-switcher (or if ['Ctrl'] is held and ['Tab'] pressed cycle trough in reverse ordertabs in switcher UI)
    • ['Ctrl'] + [Number Key] = Switch to tab based on order in tab bar
    • Example: ['Ctrl'] + ['1'] = Switch to the first tab in the list (currently develop)
    • ['Ctrl'] + ['0'] = Switch to the projects tab
    • Note: on OS X the shorcuts that do not contain a ['Tab'] key can be used by substituting ['Command'] for ['Ctrl'] (but ['Ctrl'] can still be used if desired)
  • App Designer multiple page support, themes, and interactivity.
  • App Designer allows page and sub-pages creation, button hookup to pages, sidebars, popups or custom scripts.
  • App Designer allows animated transition selection for a link to a page and more.
  • App Designer allows users to “drop in” third party themes for frameworks that support it.
  • App Designer allows basic javascript editing within App Designer.
  • Brackets updated to Sprint 34.1.
  • Editor supports autocompletion for Cordova 2.9.0 and intel.xdk APIs.
  • Better editor integration with the OS:
    • File->Open lets open any file on the filesystem
    • File->Save As allows saving to any location on the local filesystem
    • “Show in OS” context menu in the file tree opens OS file manager (e.g. Explorer, Finder) at the project file location.
    • Editor uses JSHint instead of JSLint as in previous versions. JSHint can be configured using .jshintrc in the project root. For the documentation on configuration options and configuration file format, refer to JSHint Docs.
    • Added copy/cut/paste context menu in the editor.
  • Images can be previewed in the editor. In previous version they appeared as binary content.
  • Code/Design buttons are always displayed when using AppDesigner and AppStarter projects. Design button is only enabled on .html files in these projects.
  • Emulator now supports apps that use the synchronous form of XMLHttpRequest (XHR).
  • Emulator settings now let you choose whether the JavaScript console should be cleared each time the app restarts (default is to clear). App restarts when you click reload, change projects, change devices, or change source when the always reload setting is selected.
  • Emulator automatically restarts debugger if debugger is running when the app restarts. Debugger must still close during the restart operation itself.
  • Emulator correctly initializes Accelerometer panel to +9.81 in z-axis, not -9.81.
  • App Designer gets automatically opened when creating a new project.

Known issues:



Cannot access project files on Windows via a UNC path.

Make sure all your files are stored on a local drive