Next Steps

To get the most out of the Intel TBB library, explore the following additional resources.

  • Intel® Threading Building Blocks Documentation provides comprehensive documentation, including the following:
    • Intel® Threading Building Blocks User Guide describes the major classes, algorithms and concepts used by Intel TBB. The user guide also includes a Design Patterns section that explains how to use several common parallel programming patterns with Intel TBB.
    • Intel® Threading Building Blocks Reference provides a complete, detailed reference manual for all the functions and interfaces provided by Intel TBB.
  • Examples includes a collection of example programs that demonstrate the various features of Intel Threading Building Blocks. These programs are located within the examples directory. A good place to start is with the extended version of the SubStringFinder example presented in this Getting Started Guide. This extended example is found in the examples/GettingStarted/sub_string_finder subdirectory as sub_string_finder_extended.cpp. When run, it calculates and displays the speedup obtained by using Intel TBB to parallelize the algorithm compared to performing the same work sequentially.
  • Doxygen includes documentation that was automatically generated from the comments in the Intel TBB include files. The Doxygen subdirectory is found within the doc directory. The files in the Doxygen directory are in HTML format and are viewable with any browser that supports HTML.