Syntax of Parameters

Syntax of Parameters

This topic provides the following information about parameters:

  • Time value

  • Boolean value

  • Number of bytes

Time Value

Time values are usually specified as a pair of one floating point value and one character that represents the unit: c for microseconds, l for milliseconds, s for seconds, m for minutes, h for hours, d for days and w for weeks. These elementary times are added with a + sign. For instance, the string 1m+30s refers to one minute and 30 seconds of execution time.

Boolean Value

Boolean values are set to on/true to turn something on and off/false to turn it off. Just using the name of the option without the on/off argument is the same as on.

Number of Bytes

The amount of bytes can be specified with optional suffices B/KB/MB/GB, which multiply the amount in front of them with 1/1024/1024^2/1024^3. If no suffix is given the number specifies bytes.