This section provides instructions for the installation and the use of the three trees as well as the connection and verification of the boards. It also gives information about the bootloader, the pattern matching library, the Arc32 toolchain and how to reset the board to the factory settings. Finally there is an overview of Intel Curie ODK directory content.

About the Bootloader

The Arduino 101* and the tinyTILE* boards are pre-flashed with a bootloader that supports flashing over USB using the DFU protocol. Flashing over USB keeps the original bootloader intact and does not require a JTAG adaptor. The bootloader is the same for the three trees. It supports the flashing of the firmware for the Bluetooth® low energy. Flashing an image to the board does not overwrite the bootloader unless you have modified the content of the bootloader in the A tree.

We strongly recommend that you DO NOT modify the bootloader content that is stored in the A tree. The bootloader is used for boot-up initialization and to upload the firmware/software using DFU. In case you have changed some content and have damaged the bootloader, you will need to use JTAG to recover it.

Operating System

The supported operating system for open software developer kit is Linux* Ubuntu 16.04 – 64 bit & 14.04 – 64 bit with at least 40 GB of free space.