This tutorial illustrates how to create and use your own project for the Intel® Curie™ Open Developer Kit (ODK).

The example below uses the M firmware source code tree for the purpose of illustration. It assumes that you have successfully installed the one of the source trees and verified that that your board is operating normally. The three source tree options are described in the introduction to the Intel Curie ODK, and instructions on how to install them are also available on this site.

The following steps will enable you to create your own project and set you up to compile your own code:

1. After installing the M tree, exit your current shell session and start a new one.

2. In the CODK-M directory, run 'make project', specifying the desired name of your project directory:

$ make project PROJ_DIR=my_project

3. Source the generated $PROJ_DIR/

$ source my_project/

(This sets CODK_DIR, ARC_PROJ_DIR, X86_PROJ_DIR and sources the zephyr environment at $CODK_DIR/../zephyr/, so you don't need to do these things now when working in my_project; just source

You are now ready to compile code in my_project/arc and my_project/x86.