Connecting a Keyboard, Mouse, and HDMI Monitor

This section outlines the steps and options for interacting with the development platform with physically connected input and display devices.

See Serial Terminal for guidance on established remote communication with the development platform.

USB Input Devices

The development board provides a single USB Type-A connector that operates at USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 speeds. A wireless dongle from a keyboard kit or USB hub connected to the Type-A port will enable the simultaneous use of multiple input devices.


The functionality of wireless input devices may be limited until drivers or applications are loaded by the operating system

A powered hub is recommended to ensure the platform USB output supply is not overloaded by device current draw

HDMI Display Devices

The expansion board has a micro HDMI connector that can be directly connected to an HDMI display. Resolutions will vary by BIOS build and information returned by the display device.

HDMI Displays Tested with the Developer Kit

The following displays have been tested with the Developer Kit:

Manufacturer Model Resolution
Samsung U24E590D 3840x2160
ProCaster 40UNB700 3840x2160
HP ZR2440w 1920x1200
Lenovo Thinkvision L2440p 1920x1200 (with DVI-HDMI adapter
HP Compaq LA2405wg 1920x1200
ACER S230HL 1920x1080
ASUS VE247H 1920x1080