Difference of drawing result depending on GPU

Difference of drawing result depending on GPU

I created a simple application to clip a cube using DirectX 9.0, but the GPU makes a difference in drawing results.
(The drawing of a cube sets D3DRS_FILLMODE to D3DFILL_WIREFRAME.)

The difference between the drawing results is whether or not the intersection lines of the clip plane and the cube is drawn.
When using the NVIDIA Quadro K2200, intersection lines are drawn, but when using Intel UHD Graphics 620, intersection lines are not drawn.

[NVIDIA Quadro K2200]

[Intel UHD Graphics 620]

I think it is a GPU-dependent problem, but I do not know the cause.
I want to know why drawing results are different and how to draw intersection lines with Intel UHD Graphics 620.

[System Information 1]
  Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
  NVIDIA Quadro K2200

[System Information 2]
  Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
  Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620

DirectX 9.0を利用し立方体をクリッピングする

NVIDIA Quadro K2200を利用している場合は交線が描画され、
Intel UHD Graphics 620を利用している場合は交線が描画されません。

何故描画結果が異なるのか、Intel UHD Graphics 620で交線を

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