Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications 2017 R2

Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications 2017 R2

installer says I need it.  blog says you have it.  despite persistent, prolonged effort have been completely unable to find an actual download link


where -exactly- does one find "Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications 2017 R2"


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Hi KurtJ,

Disappointed for the trouble here... Which installer? Can you post a link to the blog? It needs to be updated... 2017 is not available.

Any version prior to 2019 Update 4 is strongly recommended for upgrade at this point for stability fixes. 2019 Update 4 for OpenCL dev tools as part of Intel® System Studio can be obtained here:

  • There's a full package and then an online package... where a user can select components to be downloaded and deployed. In any case, as long as OpenCL™ Tools is selected that maps to the Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications content.

There is also a standalone that uses the same Intel® System Studio install infrastructure... it can be obtained from :

Can you share your goal? Target CPU SKU's?


Thanks again for the interest,


Sorry, I misunderstood.  I thought 2017 was for VS2017. I have not idea what Intel System Studio is or why I would want it. We use Visual Studio 2019 for everything we develop. So I installed the SDK. But that only supports VS2017?

My main development machine is Windows 7. The OpenCL SDK installer failed on Windows 7 because it does not support Update 4? Apparently Windows 7 is not supported? That will prevent my use. 

I have functioning CUDA code but many of our customers use Dell laptops with Intel processors and graphics chips. Looking at enhancing our applications' image processing, display, and analysis by using OpenCL. The Intel SDK looks to be the most robust right now. 

Hi KurtJ,

Thanks for sharing your project goals... Some follow up:

  • Intel® System Studio 2019 is a suite of developer tools available on Linux* OS and Windows* OS.
    • Intel® SDK for OpenCL Applications 2019 is delivered as the OpenCL™ Tools component of Intel® System Studio. There is also a standalone for the OpenCL™ Tools.
    • Users who get the Intel® System Studio installer choose the roster of subcomponents to install.
    • Intel® VTune Amplifier is a tool from Intel System Studio which can visualize Intel® Graphics Device compute residency for a running kernel. It gives advice about where a particular bottleneck may be for your hardware with a particular solution. It may be useful for your effort.
  • Windows* 7 OS is not supported for the OpenCL™ Tools
  • The plugin facilities for the OCL Tools fit into VS2017 currently... This includes debug and analysis features. I recommend looking at the SDK development features to see if there is anything in there that is a highlight for you.
    • I recommend the Kernel Development framework for everyone... As it can remove the immediate need for OpenCL boilerplate/overhead code required just to test a kernel... Also, it can abstract some of the parsing overhead, because it can support some image formats and arbitrary data as input.
  • The plugins themselves haven't made it into VS2019 yet. However... OpenCL projects created by the plugin templates from VS2017 build in VS2019 per my recent testing. The projects are set to perform a default build of OpenCL kernels offline. Build feedback checks for compile timer errors and give basic feedback from the build... i.e. preferred workgroup size. Eliminating more need to rolling some custom tools.



Thanks Michael