Which Intel Inspector Version Integrates with Visual Studio 2015

Which Intel Inspector Version Integrates with Visual Studio 2015

Hi Team,

I downloaded Intel Inspector 2020 do detect Thread RACE in my C++ application which I have created using Visual Studio 2015.

But Intel Inspector 2020 is now integrating with VS 2015. I can see, that it's for VS 2017 and VS 2019. 

So is there any other version which I can download for VS 2015 or is there a way to integrate the Intel Inspector 2020 to my VS 2015?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Mahesh,

As you've discovered, support for Visual Studio 2015 integration has been removed from the 2020 release. The last version with VS2015 support is 2019 update 5, which you can download from the Intel Registration Center. 

We do always encourage people to use the latest version which has fixes and updates for current versions of Windows, so keep in mind that you can also run Inspector outside of Visual Studio with the standalone GUI.

Yes, as Miss Jenifer was saying. You can download a standalone version of the GUI. Meanwhile also feel free to reach out to answers.microsoft.com and open up a discussion over there,too. 


iis.net shall guide with you respective knowledgebases.

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