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Intel® oneAPI Toolkits(Beta)

Deliver uncompromised performance for diverse workloads across multiple architectures.

A Unified, Standards-Based Programming Model

Modern workload diversity necessitates the need for architectural diversity; no single architecture is best for every workload. A mix of scalar, vector, matrix, and spatial (SVMS) architectures deployed in CPU, GPU, AI, FPGA, and other accelerators is required to extract high performance.

Intel® oneAPI products will deliver the tools needed to deploy applications and solutions across SVMS architectures. Its set of complementary toolkits—a base kit and specialty add-ons—simplify programming and help developers improve efficiency and innovation.

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Intel oneAPI Product Brief

Intel oneAPI Programming Guide


Data Parallel C++ Language for Direct Programming

Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) is an evolution of C++ that incorporates SYCL*. DPC++ allows code reuse across hardware targets, and enables high productivity and performance across CPU, GPU, and FPGA architectures, while permitting accelerator-specific tuning.

Libraries for API-Based Programming

Powerful libraries—including deep learning, math, and video and media processing—are preoptimized for domain-specific functions and custom coded to accelerate compute-intense workloads.

Advanced Analysis & Debug Tools

  • Intel® VTune™ Profiler to find performance bottlenecks fast in CPU, GPU, and FPGA systems

  • Intel® Advisor for efficient vectorization, threading, and offloading to accelerators

  • GDB* for efficient code troubleshooting


CUDA* Source Code Migration

The Intel® oneAPI DPC++ Compatibility Tool is a migration engine that transforms CUDA* code into a standards-based DPC++ code.

Try Your Code in the Intel® DevCloud

Develop, run, and optimize your Intel oneAPI solution in the Intel® DevCloud—a free development sandbox with access to the latest SVMS hardware from Intel and Intel oneAPI software. No software downloads. No configuration steps. No installations.

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Download Toolkits Tailored to Your Needs

Start with the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit(Beta)

The Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit includes:

  • Intel® oneAPI Collective Communications Library
  • Intel® oneAPI Data Analytics Library
  • Intel® oneAPI Deep Neural Networks Library
  • Intel® oneAPI DPC++ Compiler
  • Intel® oneAPI DPC++ Library
  • Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library
  • Intel® oneAPI Threading Building Blocks
  • Intel® oneAPI Video Processing Library
  • Intel® Advisor
  • Intel® Distribution for Python*
  • Intel® DPC++ Compatibility Tool
  • Intel® FPGA Add-On for oneAPI Base Toolkit (Optional)
  • Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
  • Intel® VTune™ Profiler
  • GDB*

Get started with this foundational kit that enables developers of all types to build, test, and deploy performance-driven, data-centric applications across CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs. Toolkit Details

The kit includes:

  • Intel® oneAPI Data Parallel C++ Compiler
  • Intel® Distribution for Python*
  • Multiple optimized libraries
  • Advanced analysis and debugging tools

For specialized workloads, use the Base Kit with one or more Add-On toolkits.

Get the Base Kit +  Add a Domain-Specific Toolkit

Add on Domain-Specific Toolkits for Specialized Workloads

Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit(Beta)

The Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit includes:

  • Intel® C++ Compiler
  • Intel® Cluster Checker
  • Intel® Fortran Compiler
  • Intel® Inspector
  • Intel® MPI Library
  • Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector

Note Install the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit first for full functionality.

Deliver fast C++, Fortran, OpenMP, and MPI applications that scale.

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Install the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit first for full functionality.

Intel® oneAPI DL Framework Developer Toolkit(Beta)

The Intel® oneAPI DL Framework Developer Toolkit includes:

  • Intel® oneAPI Collective Communications Library
  • Intel® oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library

Build deep learning frameworks or customize existing ones.

Intel® oneAPI IoT Toolkit(Beta)

The Intel® oneAPI IoT Toolkit includes:

  • Intel® C++ Compiler
  • Intel® Inspector
  • Intel® System Debugger
  • Eclipse* IDE
  • IoT Connection Tools
  • Linux* kernel build tools

Note Install the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit first for full functionality.

Build high-performing, efficient, reliable solutions that run at the network’s edge.

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Install the Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit first for full functionality.

Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit

The Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit includes:

  • Intel® Embree
  • Intel® Open Image Denoise
  • Intel® OpenSWR
  • Intel® Open Volume Kernel Library
  • Intel® OSPRay

Create high-performance, high-fidelity visualization applications.

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Additional Toolkits, Powered by oneAPI

Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit(Beta)

The Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit includes:

  • Intel® Optimization for TensorFlow*
  • PyTorch*
  • Intel® Distribution for Python*

Speed AI development with tools for DL training, inference, and data analytics.

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Intel® System Bring-up Toolkit(Beta)

The Intel® System Bring-up Toolkit includes:

  • Intel® System Debugger
  • Intel® SoC Watch
  • Intel® VTune™ Profiler(Beta)

Debug and tune systems for power and performance.

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Ready to Get Started?

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