Educational Resources

Access the documentation, tutorials, and code samples you need to start using this SDK.

Video Tutorials

How to Debug

Get instructions on using debugging tools in the Intel SDK for OpenCL applications for host and kernel code.

Conduct a Performance Analysis

Learn how to use the code analyzer in the Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications to optimize applications on a GPU from Intel.


Unlock GPU Capabilities with Extensions in the OpenCL™ Standard

This introduction helps you use the full range of hardware capabilities in a GPU.

Optimize Simple Kernels

With the Intel SDK for OpenCL applications, this consistent series of optimizations improve kernel performance on Iris graphics or Iris Pro graphics. 

Part 1: Modulate Kernel Optimization
Part 2: Optimize a Sobel Kernel

Introduction to Device-Side AVC Motion Estimation

These guidelines show how to use our motion estimation extension for the OpenCL standard. The extension includes a set of functions that can be called by the host for frame-based video motion estimation.