Reviews & Case Studies

See how companies around the world are using this suite to successfully optimize their applications' multicore performance.

Case Studies

Profiles for Success

F5 Networks* amps up its BIG-IP* DNS solution with help from Intel® Parallel Studio XE and Intel® VTune™ Amplifier.

Optimize Image Processing speeds image processing up to 17 times with Intel® C++ Compiler and Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP).

Prepare for a Manycore Future

Johns Hopkins University increases the performance of its open-source Bowtie 2 application by adding multicore parallelism.

Rocket the Development of Hypersonic Vehicles

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology creates faster and more accurate computational fluid dynamics software with help from Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) and Intel C++ Compiler.

Efficient Numerical Simulation

Novosibirsk State University gets three times the performance from its simulation tool with Intel Parallel Studio XE, Intel Advisor, and Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector.

Optimize Speech Recognition

Qihoo 360 optimizes the speech recognition module in the Euler platform using Intel MKL, providing five times the performance.

Streamline Development for a Real-Time Analytics Database

To deliver first-class performance for its distributed, transactional database, Quasardb uses Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB), a C++ threading library, for creating high-performance, scalable parallel applications.

Speed MD5 Image Identification

Intel worked with Tencent engineers to optimize how the company daily processes millions of images, using Intel IPP to achieve twice the performance.

Accelerate Rational Drug Design

Using Intel TBB, the University of Bristol slashed calculation time for drug development, which enabled a calculation that once took 25 days to finish in just one day.

Customer Reviews

Here's what developers and customers are saying about the suite of development tools in Intel Parallel Studio XE.

“We are excited about the second-generation Intel Xeon Phi processor. We very quickly prototyped our core algorithm and obtained performance considerably higher than with any other processor architecture. The Intel C++ Compiler exploited vectorization opportunities, and Intel VTune Amplifier quickly identified a threading bottleneck that was simple to fix. Porting and tuning the kernel for the Intel Xeon Phi processor was quick and efficient.”

Georg Viehoever
Senior staff engineer, R&D, Silicon Engineering Group

"We are currently using Intel® Fortran Compiler to develop a forest-cover identification system. This system uses advanced image processing techniques (such as texture and shape analysis) to identify and classify the forest cover (species, density, and height) in order to produce forest inventory maps. The Intel Fortran Compiler, with its support for the latest Fortran language standards, is indispensable in this effort. It has substantially increased productivity and performance due to its ability to vectorize code efficiently and to optimize code targeting Intel® architecture. Additionally, its support for Visual Studio* provides a comprehensive, integrated development and debugging experience."

Jean Vezina
Software developer and forest engineer

"Intel continues to impress with me with its Intel Fortran Compiler. Having used various other Fortran compilers, and then switching to Intel Parallel Studio XE (thanks to the Intel software academic offering), we saw immediate benefits. Our application involves a large number of scientific calculations and computations, and we saw additional performance gains with the Intel Fortran Compiler. [Its seamless integration] with Visual Studio is worth mentioning and appreciating."

Dan Geana
Professor at the Department of Applied Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science
University Politehnica of Bucharest

"Staying productive while I search for application performance is important to me. The Intel compilers and message passing interface (MPI) support in Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2018 Cluster Edition delivers this for me. The new optimization reports in the compiler are excellent at giving me the guidance I need to get better performance. It's very productive in improving my code quality, too. Get an evaluation and try it yourself!"

Jonatan Aronsson
President and co-founder of CEMWorks Inc.

“Intel has done a great job implementing OpenMP* 4.0 in the Intel Fortran Compiler of Intel Parallel Studio XE. The standards support is also excellent. I have used Intel OpenMP and the Intel Fortran Compiler in our scientific computing cluster at the University of Alcalá to add parallelism to the computation of an atmospheric radiative transfer calculation. We have reduced the time needed to analyze a scenario from two months to 12 days [with these tools]. My sincere advice is to try to Intel Parallel Studio XE.”

José Alberto Morales de los Ríos Pappa
Electronics and software developer for the IR-Camera of the Extreme Universe Space Observatory in the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM-EUSO) Mission, math and physics department
University of Alcalá

“I work on a Fortran application with a history that goes back about 40 years. No other computer language is better for application performance. Nothing works better than Intel Fortran Compiler at delivering performance while keeping my productivity high as I address complex parallelism opportunities in my code. If you have Fortran legacy code and performance is a priority, try Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2018 Professional Edition.”

Billy Chen
Software engineer
Personal Computing Division (PCD) Development, Lenovo

“I develop Fortran-based, Linux* cluster-based applications and think Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 Cluster Edition is a great productivity suite. It's full of very useful tools for developers of complex code who want outstanding application performance. The optimization reports from the Intel Fortran Compiler are extremely useful and take advantage of the explicit vectorization compiler features as much as possible. Intel MKL is a great collection of ready-to-use math libraries that speed development and application performance. Productive stuff for developers from Intel. Keep it coming!”

Alexandre Silva Lopes
Senior researcher, Centre for Wind Energy and Atmospheric Flows
University of Porto, faculty of engineering

“When we discovered Intel TBB, we realized it was exactly what we needed. It was written in C++, had the right feature set, was multiplatform, and the performance was very good. Last but not least, with Intel Corporation behind it, we were confident that the library would be supported for a long time and make efficient use of Intel architecture, which is the most-used architecture by our customers.”

Edouard Alligand

“The use of Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions for Intel Xeon Phi processors gave us the maximum code performance when compared with other architectures available on the market.”

Igor Kulikov
Assistant professor
Novosibirsk State University

"Intel VTune Amplifier helped us identify system performance issues by analyzing and displaying CPU utilization, cache misses, and more, across multiple processors and server products. We optimized our product based on this analysis, improving overall performance by 12 percent on key workloads. Intel VTune Amplifier was invaluable in quickly identifying the optimization opportunities in our product.”

Charles Liu
Solution integration, Server Product Business Unit
Acer Inc.

“Detecting and fixing hidden race conditions is the most serious barrier to effective multithreaded programming. The Intel® Inspector tips the scales toward ease of development for OpenMP programmers. In minutes, Intel Inspector uncovers thread programming errors that could otherwise take weeks to find―if ever. I do not use threads without Intel Inspector.”

John Michalakes
Developer of the Weather Research and Forecast Model and other numerical weather prediction applications
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

“Advanced developers interested in improving the threading in their code (taking better advantage of vectorization and optimizing caches) should try Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 Professional Edition. I really liked the improved vectorization reports available from the compiler and recommend Intel VTune Amplifier for help with effective multithreading.”

Dr. Bruce Weaver
Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy

“Engineering System International (ESI) is a pioneer and world-leading provider of virtual prototyping solutions that properly take into account the physics of materials. Although easy to use, the software behind our solutions is complex and our developers are skilled in high-performance computing. We have recently worked with Intel teams throughout the development of a new version of our Boundary Element Method (BEM) solver, part of the latest version of VA One, our complete solution for vibro-acoustic simulation. I can safely say that Intel's compilers, performance libraries, and analysis tools such as Intel VTune Amplifier XE have matched our expectations on performance and helped increase our team’s productivity.”

Dr. Nicolas Zerbib
Manager, Vibro-Acoustic Center of Excellence

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