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新鲜出炉!Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor High Performance Programming 
学习面向这个新型架构和新产品编程的基本要素。 全新!
英特尔® System Studio
英特尔® System Studio 是一款综合性集成软件开发工具套件解决方案,能够缩短上市时间,增强系统可靠性,并提高能效和性能。 全新!
介绍面向英特尔® 至强™ 处理器和英特尔® 至强融核™ 协处理器的高性能应用程序开发。
Structured Parallel Programming
作者 Michael McCool、Arch D. Robison 和 James Reinders 采用一种基于结构性形式的途径,从而使该课题能为每一位软件开发人员所接受。





英特尔® Parallel Studio

英特尔® Parallel Studio 为 Microsoft Visual Studio* C/C++ 开发人员带来了简化的端到端并行性,还可提供先进的工具,帮助他们优化面向多核和众核的客户端应用。

英特尔® 软件开发产品

探索所有可帮助您针对英特尔架构实现优化的工具。某些指定工具支持 45 天免费评估期。



作者:Andrey Karpov张贴日期:08/17/20114
I've arrived at the source code of a widely know instant messenger Miranda IM. Together with various plugins, this is a rather large project whose size is about 950 thousand code lines in C and C++.
作者:Andrey Karpov张贴日期:08/17/20110
This is the second article on avoiding certain errors at the early stage of code writing.
Intel® Cilk Plus 中的左侧和右侧 holder
作者:Arch D. Robison (Intel)张贴日期:08/17/20110
Holders in Cilk Plus have left and right flavors. Similar left and right reduction operations exist in Threading Building Blocks (TBB).
使用 Intel® OpenCL SDK 离线编译器检查代码
作者:Arnon Peleg (Intel)张贴日期:08/17/20110
使用 Intel® OpenCL SDK 离线编译器 Intel® OpenCL SDK 1.1 提供了一款独一无二的工具,支持完全离线 OpenCL™ 语言编译,该工具包括 OpenCL 语法检查程序、LLVM(低级虚拟机)查看器、汇编语言查看器和中间程序二进制码生成器。 构建 OpenCL™ 内核 使用 OpenCL Code(OpenCL 代码)文本框编写您的 OpenCL 代码,或者从外部文本文件中加载代码:点击工具栏中的 Load From File(从文件加载)按钮,或者依次选择 File(文件) > Load From File...(从文件加载……)。 在命令工具...
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CL_DEVICE_TYPE_CPU not working in Windows 8.1
作者:Yaknan G.1
Hi, I recently tried to run my OpenCL program on a new windows 8.1 computer but the program returns an error when the device type is CL_DEVICE_TYPE_CPU. When I change the device type to a CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU or CL_DEVICE_TYPE_ ALL it ran the program on the GPU. Here is the system specification of the new computer: OS: Windows 8.1 Processor: Intel Core i7 - 4700MQ clocked at 2.40GHz Display Adapter: Intel HD Graphic 4600 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M How can I resolve this problem and is OpenCL having issues with windows 8.1? Please help! Yaknan
If the Policies are changed
作者:Luis B.0
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2nd Part of the squad combination
作者:Mak D.0
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Lunching several MPI processes on multicore nodes
作者:Dmitry K.3
Hi everyone, I have a simple issue, which must have a solution. Is it possible to assign several MPI processes to several nodes, such that first MPI process occupies full node, whereas other MPI processes are distributed on cores of the other nodes? I have an example below: On a cluster with 4 cores per node, to assign 2 MPI process to 2 nodes I do the following: #PBS -l nodes=2:ppn=4 mpirun -pernode -np 2 ./hybprog The question is how to assign 8 MPI processes to 3 nodes, such that first MPI process occupies first node, whereas other 7 MPI processes are distributed on 7 cores of the other two nodes?  Best Regards, Dmitry        
Threadprivate issue
作者:Adrian J.1
I'm having problems with ifort version 14.0.1 I'm working on a hybrid (OpenMP+MPI) FORTRAN code.  In that code the following pointer is declared and specified as threadprivate.  However, when I include it in a OpenMP parallel region (default none), I get this compile error: ftn  -O3 -r8 -openmp cal_xy.F90 cal_xy.F90(750): error #6752: Since the OpenMP* DEFAULT(NONE) clause applies, the PRIVATE, SHARED, REDUCTION, FIRSTPRIVATE, or LASTPRIVATE attribute must be explicitly specified for every variable.   [TERM_X]              select type(term_x) If I add the variable to one of the data sharing clauses of the parallel region I get this error instead: ftn -O3 -r8 -openmp calc_xy.F90 calc_xy.F90(739): error #7859: A SHARABLE or THREADPRIVATE entity is not permitted in a PRIVATE, FIRSTPRIVATE, LASTPRIVATE, SHARED or REDUCTION clause.   [TERM_X]                 call term_x%add(mat_a,col_r,& It looks to be like the first error I get (the #6752 error) only occurs from the "select type...
[OpenMP - Fortran] Scope of COMMON block variables
作者:Edgardo Doerner2
Dear all, Although the answer of the question in the title is, in principle, quite clear, I am confused about the scope (shared or private) of variables declared in COMMON blocks inside functions that are not the main function. For example, I am trying to parallelize a MC Code of particle transport on matter using OpenMP, the main part of this program is like the following code: PROGRAM TUTOR2 IMPLICIT NONE [Variable initialization, some COMMON blocks, program initialization routines, etc...] C$OMP PARALLEL NUM_THREADS (4) C$OMP SINGLE       WRITE(*,*) "Number of OpenMP threads: ", OMP_GET_NUM_THREADS()       DO I=1,NCASE C$OMP TASK FIRSTPRIVATE(ESCORE)         CALL SHOWER(IQIN,EIN,XIN,YIN,ZIN,UIN,VIN,WIN,IRIN,WTIN) C$OMP END TASK       END DO C$OMP END SINGLE NOWAIT C$OMP END PARALLEL So I have a function call SHOWER() that realizes the simulation of the particle cascade. This function call another functions (RANDOM, PHOTON, ELECTR, etc) that realize the transport calcu...
C code - assertion failed: find_seq_in_lookup_table bug
作者:Mohammed I.2
Hi, I'm having a problem when trying to compile with icc on c code, I'm getting: Internal error loop: assertion failed: find_seq_in_lookup_table: seq_number not found (shared/cfe/edgcpfe/il.c, line 3866) I had searched for this bug and seeming it had fixed at update5  (https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-composer-xe-2013-compile...) The problem is that I'm writing in C++ not in C !!! Useful Info: I'm using update.1 old licensed version, and got the above error. When I tried to download and install trial update 3 version, I had faced a problem regarding the license:   Error: A license for CCompL is not available (-5,412). Make sure that a license file is being used that contains a license for the requested feature.  If your license requires a license server, make sure that the server is using the right license file (usually, this would be the same license file that is being used by this application), and make sure that you have not changed the license file since star...
Help! Unity and Parallel Studio
作者:Don Fantom J.1
  Hello, I'm a fresh. I 'm working on a project, in which I use the Unity to develop a game. We mainly use the C# script. I want to know if I can use the parallel studio 2013 to detect the effort, hotsopt and usage of my project? And how to detect? If it can't do that, is there any authority alternative ? Your help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks Very Much.
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