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    2003年3月5日... Previously on the linux platform pgi was the supported compiler. ... and sordid history of breaking binary compatibility across releases, and with .

  2. Linking against Fortran libraries with mixed compilers


    If I have a library built from one or fortran modules, is it possible to compile it with ... if library objects are not compatible between Fortran compilers I would install the ... in `include` is that mod files are like binary c header files, and most compilers will .... good about offering module compatibility with different compiler versions.

  3. Access to older version of IVF 11.1.070


    2015年10月19日 ... If obj code/libraries from the current compiler are binary compatible that ... Visual Studio versions for various ranges of ifort releases, but I can't find it ... installation (no possiblity of switching between them in the same VS GUI).

  4. icpc doesn't find -lstdc++, but gcc does


    2003年3月10日 ... Currently, the Intel compiler is not binary compatible with C++ files ... gcc/g++ v3.x libs are not compatible with older versions of GNU compilers.

  5. Invitation to join the Intel(r)


    2014年4月21日 ... We greatly value your input in helping us release quality products. ... vec-report, openmp-report, or par-report) or the Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux (-ansi-alias is ... This release ensures binary compatibility with existing codes.

  6. how to set up configuration for only using ifort on console line?


    2015年11月28日 ... I just need the most basic functionality of the compiler (ifort, mkl library, mpi/ openmp). ... binary-compatible with ifort or mingw. mingw "cross compilers" are ... prompt shortcut on the several major versions of Windows, and how to .... Does linker set up the bridge between the code and the environment (say, ...

  7. How to compile SSE intrinsic code in KNL


    So there is my question, how to compile SSE intrinsic code in KNL. ... flag is used to generate code for KNC, which (AFAIU) not binary compatible with KNL. ... I don 't find any reference in the compiler release notes about this being enabled by ...

  8. icc 9.1 is not compatible with gcc 4.2?


    2007年1月26日 ... Seems like icc 9.1 is not compatible with gcc 4.2: ..... and if you use this option the generated code isn't binary compatible with g++ - you'll need ... and thenext major release of the Intel C++ Compiler will not support this option.

  9. mpirun: connection refused and mpi_init_ problem


    2009年2月24日 ... on Scientific Linux SL release 4.7 (Beryllium). We are currently trying to compile and run custom aplication compiled using gcc and fortran ... A binary will be portable between MPI implementations only if those implementations are binary compatible (e.g. Intel MPI is binary compatible with MPICH2). On the ...

  10. 80-bit long double trouble


    Hi, Compiling a simple application with /Qlong-double (IA32, 12.1, integrated in ... with the /Qlong-double option on to ensure binary compatibility - is that correct? ..... ii) anticipating possible changes in future versions of MSVC / Intel-Win defaults, ... invoked or the many casts between double and long double, I don't know).

  11. TBB for weakly consistent memory model


    This definition works only for compilers that insert release fences for volatile .... Doing a bit of googling, I ran across the following excerpt from an IBM white paper: ... Because these are new instructions that do not affect the binary compatibility ...

  12. Error occurred while Compile LAMMPS with intel+phi


    2016年5月10日 ... Dear there, I tried to compile LAMMPS on our group cluster which consist of CPUs and ... CentOS Linux release 7.0.1406 (Core) 2. ... The libraries on the host aka /usr/lib64 are not binary compatible with Xeon Phi binaries. ... What is the difference between path of /usr/linux-k1om-4.7/linux-k1om/lib64 and ...

  13. Intel C++ 16 and boost 1.59 link error


    2015年9月21日 ... Hi Further to the previous post we can work around the compiler error by ... if there's a binary compatibility issue between gcc4.9 and icpc 16? ... that you start form scratch and ensure there are not multiple versions of gcc (and ...

  14. Intel® Parallel Studio XE: does it come with source code? LFS


    2016年1月10日 ... But in the release notes it says "Linux 5,6 redhat depreciated or dropped, ... In the past intel binaries were portable across many intel machines - just ... Also, the compilers is windows compatible and on Linux is GNU based ...

  15. undefined symbols uw_parse_lsda_info and ReadULEB


    2003年1月16日 ... Earlier versions are not. With a future ... implementations allowing for a binary mix and match > with gcc 3.2 or greater since Intel compilers are

  16. Integration of Open Watcom C++ compiler - details, performance ...


    Jan 10, 2016 ... I used Watcom C++ compiler in the middle of 90th ( last century! ) ... I used a couple of versions of Watcom C++ compiler released between 1994 and 1998 in ..... [ Watcom C++ compiler - Is it compatible with modern C++ compilers? ] ...... and Intel C++ compilers generate binary codes of the same test-case.

  17. Is C++11 support contingent on gcc version?


    2013年3月12日 ... The Release Notes have this ominous-sounding bullet point: "Support for ... header files reside under /usr/lib are the ones used by the Intel compiler? ... Yes, in order to be binary compatible with GNU we need to use the same ...

  18. Redistributable files for Mac OS X and Linux


    The binary produced by the compiler with options OpenMP and MPI needs to be ... you said you were using the latest Composer XE 2013 SP1 release on OS X*. .... The run-time error indicates the library you copied is not compatible with your  ...

  19. How icc/icpc uses GCC on LInux?


    I want to understand what is the relation between GCC and icc and what actual .... In an upcoming release of the compiler, we expect that the -gcc-version .... you want to support, as binaries built for a given glibc are compatible at least with the  ...

  20. Windows 7 compatibility


    2009年11月6日 ... Prebuilt library binaries are now included with the data compression ... MKL and Intel TBB) is included in each Compiler Pro product release.