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  1. 搜索结果 - Intel® Software


    https://software.intel.com/zh-cn/forums/intel-fortran-compiler-for-linux-and-mac-os -x/topic/ ... Either something very subtle is happening or there is a compiler bug. .. . also ... Are you able to compare the signon string above with the one that you .

  2. index() broken in ifort 8.0 - Intel® Developer Zone


    Don't know why, but maybe this can help you track down the bug. ... I got word from the person who manages our Intel compilers that he filed a report under ... works, but gives less performance, as the string comparison is not expanded in line.

  3. Upgrading a string-numeric conversion in a very old program - Intel ...


    2013年7月27日 ... That Intel Fortran makes the code work correctly by using extensions to ... that would tether you to Intel Fortran, compile some portions with the /stand:f95 or / stand:f03 compiler option. .... for comparing, either use TRANSFER to extract the string, ... The best advice is every key stroke is a potential new bug.

  4. Linux Intel Fortran 2017 Update 1: problem with MPI mod files


    2016年11月5日 ... After 2017 Update 1, when compiling I get the error: error #7013: This module ... Here are my environment variables that include the string INTEL: .... Maybe I want to compare the performance of gfortran relative to Intel Fortran. ... MPI does its install and configuration to know if that's a bug or something else.

  5. A little bug in .Net samples - Intel® Developer Zone


    2005年8月24日 ... While comparing Fortran and C# realization Im of opinion that its impossible to ... for AddRef, Release, methods accept Fortran strings rather than BSTRs, etc. ... I just end up throrwing type cases in when I see compile errors.

  6. Yet another question on Fortran calling C


    2007年10月4日 ... Steve - Intel Developer Support .... Comparing your C code with the MSDN example for GetFullPathName, I'd suggest .... and will also normally return char(0 )-terminated strings (rather than Fortran-style blank-padded). .... I will comment that there is a bug in the compiler regarding BIND(C,NAME=) in that, ...

  7. Some noted differences between Compaq VF6 and Intel VFC XE2011


    2011年1月20日 ... I just attained trial copies of Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011 and ... For instance, Compaq VF6 executables did not require quotes around text strings in order to ... There may have been a bug fixed in this area in the last 7-8 years. .... Please try a Release build with both compilers and compare.

  8. FindFirstFile picks up a "wrong" file name - Intel


    2006年4月10日 ... 首页 › 论坛 › Intel® Software Development Products › Intel® Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows* ... Do stuff here ! eg index for specific string in file name end do .... the value 1 when comparing 'a' with 'a' rather than the expected 0, ... a lot of the FindFirstFile/FindNextFile bugs (it's the first attachment that I ...

  9. 简体中文


    2014年7月22日 ... 099, CALL foo(I)%Set(" string " // ACHAR (34+I)) ... Upon compilation and execution with Intel Fortran, either compiler version 14 or ... with current Fortran standard and the access violation is due to some bug in the compiler. .... statement and for comparison routines passed to the QSORT library routine.

  10. Problem Subclassing Modal Dialog Box - Intel® Developer Zone


    May 15, 2012 ... I'm using the latest version of the compiler Intel Visual Fortran Compiler XE .... The problem points towards the string termination character not being correctly appended to fortran strings in list-boxes. ... Added by SS to correct bug when using non-supported controls .... Is there a way of comparing .mod files?

  11. Character - Intel® Developer Zone


    Jul 8, 2014 ... What if, length of string is unknown how to define the character? ... you are telling the compiler to assign 80 bytes of memory as a buffer to receive your character ..... Perhaps that's just a bug: does it work with ifort? ...... Now users can compare performance of the linear and logarithmic algorithms with ifort.

  12. what's wrong with this IF statement


    2015年8月25日 ... ... options in the Fortran>Command Line string shown in my preceding post. ... This button opens the Intel Fortran User guide in another view where you ... Look in the index of (or search) the Fortran compiler help (Help > Intel ... /warn: interface causes several dozen errors #8284 when compiling UMFPACK.

  13. Co-array error - Intel® Developer Zone


    Oct 2, 2014 ... What is the default integer value in the Fortran compiler? ..... to 406.4 mm when we are talking about comparing two measurements. .... JMN: There is a bug in the program that you posted in #35 (and, possibly, ... reading the string "0.1" into an integer variable using list-directed input causes k1 to be 0. Thus ...

  14. Parallel Studio XE 2016 on Linux Mint: Unsupported? - Intel ...


    Dec 21, 2015 ... I would not bother too much but it seems that I can't compile boost because of that .... It basically does “gcc –v” to figure out the compatibility string. ... Bugs -- enable -languages=c,c++,java,go,d,fortran,objc,obj-c++ .... I did this by comparing with our module files on a Intel 2013 compiler on a CentOS machine ...