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  1. How to express a long directive for openMP in Fortran?


    Feb 2, 2009 ... adi.f90(21): error #7622: Misplaced part of an OpenMP parallel directive. ... the syntax for doing so is similar to that for Fortran free-form source.

  2. common block problem in openmp Fortran


    Aug 27, 2015 ... my code is: program ... ! Loop which I want to parallelize !$OMP parallel DO I = 1, N ... call FORD(i,j) ... !$OMP END parallel DO end program ...

  3. Enabling OpenMP* in your Build Environment | Intel® Developer Zone


    For example, Intel® Fortran Studio XE also includes the Intel® Fortran Compiler. The Intel compilers support the TASK feature introduced with OpenMP 3.0.

  4. OpenMP* Fortran Routines Overview | Intel® Developer Zone


    The following table summarizes the OpenMP* Fortran API run-time library routines you can use for directed parallel decomposition. These routines are all ...

  5. OpenMP* Fortran Compiler Directives | Intel® Developer Zone


    Intel® Fortran provides OpenMP* Fortran compiler directives that comply with OpenMP Fortran Application Program Interface (API) specification Version 3.1 and ...

  6. Fortran OpenMP question


    Apr 6, 2009 ... Specifically, the loop variable and others declared PRIVATE (by openmp clause) are referenced in the internal subroutine. My experiments so ...

  7. Intel® C++ and Fortran Compilers | Intel® Developer Zone


    Fortran and C++ compilers for Linux and Windows. Includes documentation, support information, and free downloads for evaluation and non-commercial use.

  8. OpenMP with FORTRAN 'DO WHILE' loop?


    Mar 1, 2013 ... Hi, I know what document says about using OMP with FORTRAN 'DO WHILE' loop: do not ever use !$OPM PARALLEL DO. So my question is ...

  9. [OpenMP - Fortran] Scope of COMMON block variables


    Jun 29, 2014 ... For example, I am trying to parallelize a MC Code of particle transport on matter using OpenMP, the main part of this program is like the ...

  10. Fortran allocatable problem with openmp 3


    Nov 22, 2010 ... Dear all,i have a problem with ifort using Fortran allocatable arrays delared as lastprivate, using openmp 3.0. The simple example under ifort ...

  11. Fortran OpenMP on Intel Xeon Phi


    Jul 9, 2015 ... My questions are very simple. We have intel visual fortran 2015 and fortran subroutines parallelized with OpenMP directives. Is the compiled ...

  12. OpenMP* 4.0 Features in Intel Fortran Composer XE 2013 | Intel ...


    Jan 4, 2013 ... Intel [Visual] Fortran Composer XE 2013 Update 2 (compiler version 13.1) adds support for new features in OpenMP* 4.0. This article serves as ...

  13. Vectorizing Fortran using OpenMP* 4.x - filling the SIMD lanes | Intel ...


    Jun 1, 2015 ... The Intel Fortran Compiler adopted the OpenMP 4.x Standard's new SIMD clause and feature in 2014. The OpenMP SIMD directive is a ...

  14. Is OpenMP not supporting Fortran 2003 (PASS, Finalization, etc.)


    Jun 10, 2015 ... Hi all, My question is related to integration of OpenMP in Fortran with some features in standard 2003/2008 In the document of latest 4.0 ...

  15. Intel Fortran Static Library with OpenMP enabled


    Jul 16, 2015 ... It seems that when we create a static library with an older version of Intel Fortran that includes OpenMP parallelization, this library cannot run ...

  16. openMP - Handling global variables in fortran


    Feb 28, 2014 ... For a subroutine without OpenMP directives that might be called from within a parallel region ... Another reference for Fortran tips for OpenMP is ...

  17. openmp & derived types with allocatable components


    Intel Fortran does not emit an error, but it looks like the firstprivate .... of a variable is different in the Fortran setting and the OpenMP setting.

  18. Compile OpenMP or MPI Fortran code for Intel Phi


    Sep 15, 2015 ... Hi everyone, Here is my problem: I have two different programs: One in Fortran / MPI One in Fortran / OpenMP And I would like to compile them ...

  19. OpenMP Array Reduction in Fortran


    Dec 7, 2012 ... Howdy, I have two simple questions. First, are Fortran arrays used in the OpenMP REDUCTION clause considered PRIVATE or FIRSTPRIVATE ...

  20. Fortran shared library for Python with use of OpenMP


    Feb 26, 2014 ... Hello, I have a problem while making a shared library in Fortran to be loaded from Python. I've put together a minimal example to show the ...