Case Study: Optimizing King of Soldier* with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers on Intel® HD Graphics 4000

The performance of King of Soldier* was improved by 1.75x on a 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor PC. We used Intel® GPA to find the hotspots and run state override experiments to quickly assess potential performance benefits.
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Accelerate Performance Using OpenCL* with Intel® HD Graphics

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Кодирование видео с использованием встроенного видео Intel® HD Graphics

В этой статье речь пойдет о кодировании видео с использованием видеокодека h264 на GPU, интегрированном в современные

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Video Encoding Using Integrated Intel® HD Graphics

In this article we’d like to write about H.264 video processing on Intel GPUs on Linux and the experience our company

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An update to the integration of Intel® Media SDK and FFmpeg

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MainConcept* Codecs Power Multiple Market Video Editing Suites by MAGIX*

For high-performance video editing in MAGIX applications, MainConcept’s AVC and HEVC codecs offer optimized software processing on CPUs.

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