Code Sample: Panaconda - A Persistent Memory Version of the Game "Snake"

A persistent memory version of the game Snake that demonstrates features from the PMDK, including pools, pointers, and transactions.
作者: Kelly L. (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2019/07/03 - 19:50

代码示例:Panaconda - 持久内存版本的《贪吃蛇》游戏

通过持久内存版本的《贪吃蛇》游戏展示 PMDK 的功能,包括池、指针和事务。
作者: Kelly L. (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2018/12/14 - 09:08

2019 Storage and Persistent Memory Developer Summit

The Summit includes case studies, feature deep dives, and technology tutorials, along with live demos, hands-on labs, and “Meet the Experts” sessions.
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Second Generation Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family Technical Overview

New features and enhancements available in the second generation Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family and how developers can take advantage of them
作者: David Mulnix (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2019/04/05 - 10:19

Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory Overview

作者: Eduardo B. (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2019/05/15 - 14:26

The Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory Programming Model

作者: Eduardo B. (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2019/05/15 - 14:27

Unveil Memory and Storage Breakthroughs for Applications

作者: Dick Kaiser (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2019/04/08 - 15:03

全新英特尔® 傲腾™ DC 内存概述

作者: Eduardo B. (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2019/04/12 - 04:17

英特尔® 傲腾™ DC 内存编程模块简介

作者: Eduardo B. (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2019/04/14 - 20:35

Deliver the Value of Analytics & AI at Scale with Intel®-optimized Open Source Software

Bring greater capacity and performance to your Data Analytics & AI at scale with open source software and Intel® Platform Technologies
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