Chain of Things Solar Case Study: Blockchain+IoT Security

With partners ElectriCChain, SolarCoin, Solcrypto, Bitseed, IOTA, and RWE, the first Chain of Things Case Study Event focused on the secure logging of solar energy production data to a distributed blockchain ledger. Through multiple case studies, Chain of Things will develop a clearer picture of what an optimal IoT+blockchain stack should include and will determine if blockchain technology...
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Power System Infrastructure Monitoring Using Deep Learning on Intel® Architecture

The work in this paper evaluates the performance of Intel® Xeon® processor powered machines for running deep learning on the GoogleNet* topology (Inception* v.
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New Case Study: Optimal Design with 5x Performance Boost


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Brain Tumor Segmentation using Fully Convolutional Tiramisu Deep Learning Architecture

The aim of the work was to implement, train and evaluate the quality of automated brain tumor multi-label segmentation technique for Magnetic Resonance Imaging based on Tiramisu deep learning architecture.
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Race Real Go-Karts in Virtual Reality with the Intel® NUC

The 4x4-inch Intel NUC is a prime example of how an innovative project in unexpected fields in entertainment and gaming industry can become a reality
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Graph Attention Networks Using Intel® Optimization for Tensorflow* on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

The adjacency matrix in real world graph is sparse. CPU systems without discrete hardware accelerators provide competitive training
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Optimizing Face Recognition Inference on Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

A face recognition inference experiment using Intel® Xeon® scalable processors showing the AI power of face recognition applications.
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Sentiment Analysis for Real Estate Market Forecast

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Accelerate Deep Learning Applications Using Multiprocessing and Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) for Deep Neural Networks

DarwinAI’s Generative Synthesis platform uses Artificial Intelligence to generate compact, highly efficient neural network models from existing model
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