Visual Basic passing array to Fortran DLL in x64

VB passing array to Fortran DLL - used to work for ia32 application, fails when switching to x64 configuration. Summary: VB should not pass first array element ByRef for x64. It was a fluke that it worked in ia32.
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"The system cannot find the path specified" when building samples using Intel® Threading Building Blocks

The post-build copy step of Intel® Threading Building Blocks in certain product samples fails in Microsoft Visual C++ 2010*.
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Combiner/Aggregator Synchronization Primitive

Combiner/Aggregator synchronization primitive provides mutual exclusion like a mutex, but can be significantly faster in some situations due to better cache performance.
作者: Dmitry Vyukov 最后更新时间: 2017/06/14 - 16:09