Code Sample: Air Quality Sensor

This air quality monitor application is part of a series of how-to Internet of Things (IoT) code sample exercises using the Intel® IoT Developer Kit and a compatible Intel® IoT Platform, cloud platforms, APIs, and other technologies.
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Manage Deep Learning Networks with Caffe* Optimized for Intel® Architecture

How to optimize Caffe* for Intel® Architecture, train deep network models, and deploy networks.
作者: Andres Rodriguez (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2019/03/11 - 13:17

Getting Started with Intel® IoT Gateways - Python*

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions have a number of moving parts. At the heart of all these solutions sits the IoT gateway, providing connectivity, scalability, security, and management. This getting started guide will help you understand what an IoT gateway is, how it can be used, how to choose the right gateway and software development tools for you, and how to write a “Hello World” application...
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Counting People: Use OpenCV* for Edge Detection

Learn how to use OpenCV* to count people using edge detection rather than using server farms.
作者: Foster, Whitney (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2019/05/31 - 09:24

Distributed Deep Learning with Docker*, Intel® Nervana™ technology, neon™, and Pachyderm*

The recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence are amazing! It seems like we see something groundbreaking every day, from self-driving cars, to AIs learning complex games.

作者: Daniel W. 最后更新时间: 2018/06/08 - 11:40

How to Install the neon™ Framework on Ubuntu*

This article presents a simple step-by-step way to install the neon framework in Ubuntu* 14.04 using the Anaconda* Python* distribution. It also guides users through what to do if errors are encountered during the installation process.
作者: Nguyen, Khang T (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2018/06/10 - 21:00

Build and Install TensorFlow* Serving on Intel® Architecture

The information provided in this paper describes how to build and install TensorFlow* Serving, a high-performance serving system for machine learning models designed for production environments.
作者: Bryan B. (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2018/06/29 - 14:29

Train a TensorFlow* Model on Intel® Architecture

In this paper, you will learn how to train and save a TensorFlow* model, build a TensorFlow model server, and test the server using a client application. 
作者: Bryan B. (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2018/06/29 - 14:40

An Example of a Convolutional Neural Network for Image Super-Resolution—Tutorial

This tutorial describes one way to implement a CNN (convolutional neural network) for single image super-resolution optimized on Intel® architecture from the

作者: Alberto V. (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2019/02/18 - 11:57