Code Sample: Create a Smart Access-Control System (JavaScript*)

Create a motion sensor with the Intel® Joule Expansion Board development platform that monitors restricted areas.
作者: Ian S. (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2019/05/22 - 17:00

Code Sample: Create a Smart Doorbell App (JavaScript*)

Create a smart doorbell with the Intel® Joule Expansion Board development platform and track visitors using cloud-based data storage.
作者: Ian S. (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2019/05/24 - 16:35

Code Sample: Use C++ with the Intel® Joule™ Development Platform

How to use C++ with the development platform on Hello World, pulse width modulation, and more.
作者: 管理 最后更新时间: 2019/05/24 - 16:41

Code Sample: Create an Earthquake Detector App (JavaScript*)

This code sample shows how to keep track of seismic data using a development platform and an assortment of extensible sensors.

作者: Ian S. (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2019/04/30 - 21:00

Code Sample: Measure Weather Data with JavaScript* and the Intel® Joule™ Development Platform

This code sample measures weather data using a development platform, along with extensible sensors, accelerometer data, temperature, and humidity data is recorded and stored to the IBM* Bluemix* Io

作者: Ian S. (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2019/05/23 - 11:30

Code Sample: Send a 1010 Pattern to the IBM Bluemix* Cloud Platform

This code sample shows how to send a 1010 pattern to the IBM Bluemix* cloud platform.

作者: Ian S. (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2018/07/10 - 08:00

Alternative Platforms to the Intel® Joule™ Module

For developers interested in alternatives to the Intel® Joule™ platform (discontinued), learn how the Intel® Joule™ platform compares to some of the latest embedded platforms from Intel (formerly codenamed Apollo Lake).
作者: 管理 最后更新时间: 2019/05/22 - 17:02

Android Things* on Intel® Architecture

Android Things* is an operating system from Google used to build connected devices for the Internet of Things. In June 2017, Intel announced it discontinued Intel® Edison compute modules, Intel® Joule™ compute modules, and their associated developer kits.
作者: 最后更新时间: 2019/05/23 - 11:24

Finding BIOS Vulnerabilities with Symbolic Execution and Virtual Platforms

Intel’s Excite project uses a combination of symbolic execution, fuzzing, and concrete testing to find vulnerabilities in sensitive code.
作者: Engblom, Jakob (Intel) 最后更新时间: 2019/08/02 - 15:51

MIG OS for the Intel® Joule™ Platform

Technical information about the architecture and general recipe of the Board Support Package for the Intel® Joule™ Developer Kit.
作者: 管理 最后更新时间: 2019/08/19 - 15:18