利用英特尔® 线程构建模块(英特尔® TBB)优化 MSC. Software SimXpert*

MSC.Software SimXpert* is a fully integrated simulation environment for performing multidiscipline based analysis with a graphical interface designed to facilitate the end-to-end simulations. This article describes the threading of SimXpert.
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没有任何秘密的 API:Vulkan* 简介第 1 部分:序言

This tutorial explains how to start using Vulkan API in an application. It shows how to create Vulkan instance and check what physical devices are available. Next logical device is created along with description about what and how many queues must be created along it. Last thing is the acquisition of handles of device queues.
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视频流处理 - 趋向绿色环保化

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没有任何秘密的 API: Vulkan* 简介第 2 部分: 交换链

This part discusses swap chain creation. First a set of parameters describing presentation surface is acquired and then proper values for swap chain creation are chosen. Next way to create and record of command buffers is presented (focusing on image layout transitions through image memory barriers). To show that everything works as expected, image is cleared with a arbitrary color. Such image it...
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没有任何秘密的 API: Vulkan* 简介第 3 部分: 第一个三角形

This tutorial presents how to draw first triangle! At the beginning a render pass with one subpass is created. Next image views and framebuffers are created for each swap chain image. After that graphics pipeline creation is presented for which shader modules (with SPIR-V shaders) are required and also viewport, rasterization, multisampling, and color blending information are necessary. Last part...
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没有任何秘密的 API: Vulkan* 简介第 4 部分

This tutorial presents how to add vertex attributes to a graphics pipeline and how to create vertex buffers and bind them during command buffer recording. It teaches how to create memory objects that backs buffer storage, and how map them to upload data from the CPU to the GPU. Here also dynamic pipeline states for the viewport and scissors test are introduced.
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没有任何秘密的 API:Vulkan* 简介第 0 部分:前言

Follow Pawel L. to learn about Intel's graphic driver support for the emerging Vulkan* graphics API. He'll be providing several tutorials along with Github source code.
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